Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let's Get Physical

I decided to try a Couch to 5k podcast from iTunes yesterday. The point is to start out slow - walk 5 min, run 90 sec, walk 2 min, etc. Obviously, if you are not a runner, you should know that you can't start out in a sprint right away. Nor should you (or could you!) attempt to run a marathon. So this podcast appeared to be the perfect fit for me!

I made the mistake of taking Buddy with me. After almost pulling me into oncoming traffic, stopping to pee at EVERY telephone pole/fire hydrant, and not to mention going #2 IN THE STREET...he won't be going with me again. I love him to pieces, but it was really hard to get any kind of rhythm going!

The running part of the routine wasn't too difficult. At one point, I did feel like I was almost dragging my feet and my lungs started to burn, but I just kept going.

My upcoming goal is to do a 5k coming up in November. I can't tell you yet if I'm going to walk it, run it, or both - but the point is that I'm doing it!



Sharon said...

You are doing such a great job of getting in shape! As already stated a gazillion times: I am so proud of you!!! Keep up the good work!

Tiffany said...

Yay!!! Way to go, Emily!!! I can't wait to hear about your 5K. You can do it!