Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do You Hear the People Sing?

On break today, I made a new Pandora station on my phone. I set it to play songs from and "similar to" Les Miserables (funnily enough, it only played songs from Les Mis and nothing else!) The song, "Do You Hear the People Sing" came on and I just knew that I had to find it to post on here. I am dedicating this to all of those who are marching in uprising against their cruel dictators, those freedom fighters, peacekeepers, 'troublemakers', those who are getting the word out to let us know what is REALLY going on in their country, to the woman in Libya who is being 'silenced' for accusing those in power of raping her...

This is your anthem.

Chubby Cushion of Comfort

**Author's note: The formatting on Blogger is wonky and isn't retaining my paragraph breaks, so I apologize for the really 'wordy' looking post!** I read a blog post yesterday that completely describes my current state of mind! "Sometimes You Just Need Baggy Pants" I've reached the point where I am slowly running out of (what I will call the) Chubby Cushion of Comfort. I can feel my hip bones, my collar bone is noticeable, and I can even see my ankles and the veins in my feet on a regular basis. This is WAY beyond my 'comfort zone'. It's almost a little weird and unnerving. Like, where am I melting away to? Where did it all GO? I'm not taking the weight loss for granted, don't get me wrong. It's AWESOME. I feel AWESOME. But I barely have that Cushion to hang on to. It's the Cushion that let me slide through life just being *average*. It's the Cushion that gave me the excuse that I was too overweight to exercise, because...what difference would it make, right? Well, now that the Cushion is fading away, I don't have an excuse to have excuses any longer. I don't have an excuse to NOT buy the cute shirt. I don't have an excuse to NOT sign up to run a 5k. I don't have an excuse to NOT smile when my husband compliments me. Do you or did you have a Chubby Cushion of Comfort? If you still do, have you thought about ways to chip away at it? If you did have one, what steps did you take to push it out of your life? On a side note, I'm down 85 pounds! Just this week, I was able to fit into three pairs of pants that I'd been hanging on to for over 6 years. Baby steps!