Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We know that you are now at peace
and at the feet of God.
We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge, old friend.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A New home, a new life (together), and a new post!

First and foremost, our deepest apologies for not regularly updating our blog! Since the last post, we have experienced 2 kidney stones, a wedding, a honeymoon (where one of the stones decided to bother us...), and purchasing our first home.

We moved in a few weeks back and still have a few boxes to unpack. I (Emily) am actually surprised at the progress that we've made! I think that both of us are definitely more motivated to get settled in because it is our home. We did get our first taste of homeownership when the air conditioner quit right before move in day! Fortunately it was a quick, inexpensive fix and we did sign up for a Home Warranty before our 30 days post-closing was up.

We'll be hosting an open house BBQ this fall and look forward to celebrating this wonderful occasion with our family & friends.

I promise that the updates will not be so sparse!