Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas - 2010

Dear, sweet Milo
Uncle Matt!
Poor kid had some SERIOUS hat hair
Rachel the Nurse!
Siblings :o)
We are all so excited for her!
Mama looooooves Milo...serious face and all
Our present to the little man - I painted it over the course of a few weeks. I chose words that I felt represented both David & Tiffany's ideals. :o)
First Christmas!
I think I got a few tears out of her!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Matt and I have had a wonderful Sunday! I feel blessed to be able to enjoy a WHOLE DAY with him. (What a concept, right?) We made a yummy 'over stuffed' omelet this morning (thanks for the recipe, Weight Watchers!), ate breakfast at the table (*gasp*), then started putting up Christmas decorations. Our house is all sorts of cheery now!

Our tree.
We came to the agreement that we're going to purchase a new one for next year. We'll keep this little guy (he's 5 feet tall), but the poor thing looks a tad puny in the dining room. Plus, he's getting VERY full with all the ornaments we (and our families) keep adding to the collection!
Hand carved Nativity - by Matt's late grandpa, Lloyd (yes, we know that little baby Jesus is missing...he's at the babysitters. Because, as my sister in law Tiffany said, Mary needs a break too!)
Doggy & kitty stockingsMy big bear, Brownie. He's such a scrooge!Sugar -- why so sad?Buddy staring intently at MattNoah and Daisy, cuddling cutiesAlong with putting up decorations, I've also been busy adding more necklaces to our shop!