Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something Old, Something New

We have been busy little bees over the past month! We hosted a baby shower for our friends, Jess & Dan, a few weekends back. I (Emily) was very nervous, because I had never put on a shower of ANY kind before. My mom and Matt helped me with several things and it ended up going on without a hitch. Everybody loved the games (Bingo, What Can Dad Diaper, etc.) and the food!
Something New
For some exciting news (maybe only for us, haha) -- we have added a new member to the family! We deliberated for a very long time and after some long discussions and even a little prayer, we welcomed Sugar into our home! She is small, very sweet, and a good sport when it comes to playing with Buddy & Daisy.
Something Old
We have dozens of beautiful irises coming up in our back yard! They are bulbs that were planted many years ago by the previous owners, but haven't lost a bit of their beauty. Spring is God's miracle season. He gives us such breathtaking presents in the most tiny, delicate packages. The buds are wrapped so tightly, but will soon expand their petals into large, intricate flowers.

Saturday, April 10, 2010