Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 60 Pound Gorilla

So there's this Gorilla in the corner of the room. She's quite small, actually, for her species. She's actually shrunken some, since the last time I looked over at her. Her name is 'Weight' and she is mine. I own her. In fact, I brought her into this world! Cute as she may be, I'm looking to get rid of her.

You see, I am apparently a very neglectful owner. In the beginning, I fed her all kinds of things! You name it, she ate it. But, now that I've been feeding her less AND making her workout, poor girl has lost almost 60lbs and only has 60 more left to give!

So if someone would be so kind as to just go ahead and take my 60lb primate, it would make it much easier on me...she gets to be a little too burdensome when I'm running.

I can just leave the back door open sometime...if she 'happens' to get out, I can't say that I'll miss her! :o)

1 comment:

Sharon said...

What a cute and funny post! Suppose if I leave my back door open too someone will come and take away my 100+ pound gorilla??? You're doing such a good job!!!