Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's a Good Thing

I keep having to remind myself that it's a GOOD thing (a GREAT thing) to have to 'retire' a pair of pants because they're falling off of me.

It's a good thing.

Except that I really liked that was my only dark, dressy pair of jeans.

When I told Matt - in a very melancholy tone - that I had to get rid of that pair of pants, he said,

"Then we'll just have to go shopping for new ones!"

To which I replied,

"But I LIKED those jeans!"

To which he calmly added,

"Isn't it a good thing that they don't fit anymore?"

Yes, it really is a good thing.


Sharon said...

That's AWESOME!!!! Congratulations on your loss! {gee there's just something that doesn't sound right about that...}

Lauren said...

Congrats Emily! You are working so hard. Maybe you could get them taken in at a cleaners?