Friday, October 29, 2010

Foster Update

Our latest foster to be adopted was Molly. She was a sweet little girl who had come from a puppy mill, thus she was a bit timid and not overly affectionate. We showered her with love and attention for a few weeks and finally got a call from the shelter to say that someone was interested in meeting her! Matt took her up on a Monday and the gal fell in love with her right away! She now has a wonderful Forever home. :o)We still have Claire (the gray/white one), who was the mama cat to the kittens that I wrote about back in the spring. She is SUCH a beautiful cat. Claire loves giving attention as much as she adores receiving it! She and Noah (the other one in the window) have become the best of friends.

Lastly, just a snap of me and our girls - Daisy & Sugar. They like to keep me warm!

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Sharon said...

That's great news about Molly! You, Daisy and Sugar sure look comfy on that couch!