Friday, June 18, 2010

Kitten Love

We have been fostering a mama cat (Claire) and her babies for about a month and a half. We brought them home the day after the kittens were born -- the shelter feared that they may succumb to a virus if they stayed.

Kittens are a very precarious thing. For the most part, mama takes care of them, but if she is sick she may try to take time for herself and not stay around the kittens as much as she would otherwise. Unfortunately for Claire (and us), she lost 4 out of her 6 kittens over a stretch of a few weeks. Two of them made it through with flying colors and are the cutest, most adorable fosters we've ever had!

I took pictures of Dora (the girl) and Huck (the boy) today for the shelter. Claire was hiding under the bed and was in NO way, shape, or form coming out to be photographed! After I can get a snap of mama, I'll post it. She is beautiful.

Huck Finn

Dora (The Explorer)


Katie said...

Woof woof woof... those two are cute, even if they are kitties! It was nice seeing you again today and getting my neck scratched!

Tiffany said...

They are SO cute! You did a great job photographing them. =)

Lauren said...

Wish I could take one of those kitties. Adorable! They remind me of our Minerva when she was a kitten. Btw, I meant to put this on your last post, but I'm so excited about your Etsy store!!! Good for you!