Saturday, January 30, 2010

Preparing for Parenthood

I think that Matt and I have the idea that owning pets is a nice segue into becoming parents (some day). It's a very nice idea, in theory, and has taught us what we will NOT do when we have children.

Here are a few examples:
-We will not let our kids jump on guests when they come in the door. Nobody wants dirty little hand prints all over them when they drop in for a visit, do they?
-Our kids will not be allowed to stand beside our guests, while at the dinner table, and beg them for food. We promise that they will most definitely have enough to eat on their own plates and that they will not ask you for part of your steak and potatoes. Nor will they ask to lick your fork when you're done.
-We will not allow our children (unless they are asked) to climb on our guests' lap, then onto their head, then their shoulders, and then back into their lap again. They will promptly be instructed that it is not proper to sit on someone's lap and give them slobbery 'kisses'.
-Finally, we will not allow our children to climb the curtains. If they insist, we will simply provide them a ladder which they can climb at their will...and we may give them a paint brush so they may do something more constructive with their time. Please view the pictures below for insight as to how we learned this lesson:


In other news, the kitty in the photos above is our newest addition to the family! A big welcome to Noah "Sunshine" Baker!

--Edited to add the following comparison to the photo above:


Sharon said...

What great insight you have my dear! Yes pets can definitely teach you much about parenting and it sounds like you're learning every day. Noah sure is a cutie... just like our first cat Tabitha on top of the curtains!

Tiffany said...

SO cute! I can't wait to meet Noah!!!

Emily and Matt said...

Matt and I just realized that Noah is a dead ringer for Puss n' Boots (Shrek)! Especially in the last picture on this entry. :o)

Tucker said...

Wow what a funny comparison! Maybe I'll come over and play with him... if I can find him. Don't think I can climb those curtains though!

Licks and wags...