Saturday, January 16, 2010

Joys of Fostering - Cat Edition

Fostering animals (dogs, cats, guinea pigs) has given Matt and I a sense of purpose, in a way. We feel like we're helping out, even if it's just a minuscule amount.

At the moment, we're fostering Alice (see previous blog post) and as of yesterday, "Sunshine" (we've temporarily re-named him "Noah"). He is a precious tiny kitten who is sick, but not too under the weather to give all the affection his little heart can hold.

Here he is becoming BFF's with my big, brown bear (Brownie):
We haven't let any of the other animals up to meet him yet, but we did let Buddy get a sneak peek:

He is a very attentive:

His favorite place is on someone's shoulders:

I think Matt's falling in love:

See what I mean about the shoulder thing?



Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh!!! I want the cat!!! =) (Not really, we're allergic, but SO cute!)

Sharon said...

After meeting Noah I can honestly say he would easily steal the heart of anyone who comes into contact with him! So cute pretending that the big bear was his momma. You two are absolute angels watching after all these animals!