Sunday, June 1, 2008

Moving Out!

Moving Out!
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Hello there and welcome to Emily and Matt's blog! With all of the changes that are happening in our lives, we just knew that this would be the best way to keep everyone updated. Thanks to Tiffany and David for lending us the inspiration. :o)

We have an official move out date of July 1st, from our apartment -- though we will actually be out the proceeding weekend, with the help of both sets of parents. (Thanks in advance, Steve &
Patty -- Mike & Sharon!)

Also, a big welcome to Rachel (Matt's sister), who will be our new roomie! We look forward to having her join us as she starts her new collegiate journey at Washburn this upcoming fall.

The house that we will be renting, dropped in our lap like a bag of precious gems. The day before we found the listing, Matt and I had compiled wants/needs for what we were looking for in a rental house. It included an attic fan, hardwood floors, washer/dryer, appliances, etc. We didn't set out to be picky and were really just looking for anything at that point that allowed a dog as big as Buddy and 2 cats. We were able to see the house the same weekend that we called about it and it just so happened that I knew the girl who answered the door! We had gone to high school together for a few years -- different grades, but with as small of a school that we went to, it's hard to NOT know everyone.

Let's just say that this house is truly a blessing from God. He granted us everything on our list and then some. I have pictures, but will post others after we move in, so as to respect the privacy of the current occupants.

In other news, Matt (granted that he passes the physical and drug test) is 'unofficially' the newest officer in the Animal Control unit of Topeka! As most of you know, this has been a year long undertaking, as he had originally applied in May of 2007. He will be starting, as of now, on June 30th. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he takes this next step in his career!

On a final note, Buddy, Ana Lucia, and C.C. all say their 'woofs' and 'meows' hello!

And before I forget, here are our engagement photos!

Until next time...

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Adolpha said...

Even your moving pictures are awesome! What an eye for detail and form you have. We're so happy for you and Matt to have found such a nice place to live.