Tuesday, June 3, 2008

David Cook sings 'Dream Big'

American Idol has been one of our favorite shows and this seasons winner, David Cook, was our favorite from the beginning. We were rooting for him the whole way, not only because he was from 'the area' (Blue Springs...close enough!), but he has such a big heart and an UNBELIEVABLE talent.

This was one of the songs that was entered into the AI Song Writers contest. It was not chosen as the song for the finale, but is just as good and inspirational as the winning song, "Time of My Life".

As a side note, the 'A C' on his guitar stands for his brother, Adam Cook, who has a very aggresive form of brain cancer. When David came back to Kansas City for a day, when it was down to the final 3 on the show, all of the t-shirt and ticket sales went to raise money for cancer research.

We pray that David will continue inspiring millions of people with his humble attitude and God-given talent.

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