Saturday, July 16, 2011

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Well, we didn't technically win (I think we were actually last), BUT my beautiful sister in law & I FINISHED our first 5k together! She has a few races under her belt (including a 10k!), but I'm a race novice. Neither of us were prepared to run the whole thing. So we didn't. We DID run at the very beginning AND at the very end, so we ran the parts that count. ;o)

The most important takeaway from the entire event is that we finished. We DID IT. We didn't stop. Not even once.

I should have prefaced this all by saying that it was 100 degrees outside.

That's not factoring in the heat index - that was the AIR temperature.

Do you see why our feat of finishing was so important and awesome?

Our mother & father in law and husbands were all there to cheer us on. Since the race wove through my neighborhood, they all hopped in the car once we left the parking lot and stood at the corner down from my house waiting to see us walk by! In fact, several people were sitting on their driveways and stoops to cheer the participants on - it was great!

Did I mention that it was 100 degrees?!

We have a game plan for the next race - there's one coming up in October that actually goes through our neighborhood (and down our street!) - and we plan on running that one. It is VERY hard to train when it's so incredibly hot and humid outside, so hopefully when it starts to cool down at the end of August/September, we can start truly training.

The best part aside from finishing? The tshirt that came with our registration! It's a 'technical' shirt and is made out of that moisture wicking material which is FANTASTIC. I'm actually wearing it in the picture. I changed out of my plain cotton shirt into that and it was wonderful.


Unknown said...

Way to go for both of you! Not only did you take the initiative to enter the 5K, but you both started AND finished the 5K together - by supporting each other! Steve & Patty

Becky Baker Horn said...

Congratulations and good luck on your next race!