Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Spring We Begin Anew

Matt and I have been trying very diligently to incorporate more environmentally friendly ways of living into our daily routines. We feel like our generation is being called to a greener, nature driven way of life. (I will use Jenna - Cold Antler Farm - as a prime example of this: We have a yearning for a large, delicious veggie filled garden. We want to make our own soap (regular & laundry) and household cleaners. We want to use cloth diapers for our future little ones. We want to bring back a bygone era of living off the land. We want to teach the next generation how to care for this one world of ours.

We're starting with baby steps...but we're doing it.

Our first purchase was everything necessary for starting seeds. There are a few pictures on our last blog taken the night we planted them. Here they are just about two weeks later:

Here is our biggest (literally) purchase yet:

A rain barrel!

And as a special treat, because it's my favorite time of year, here are our irises starting to show their pretty little leaves:


Katie said...

Woof woof woof! Momma says you two are doing an awesome job of helping to save our environment! I'm uploading some videos of Buddy and Daisy and me playing last weekend. There's also a slide show on Momma's blog showing how we conserved energy after Daddy shovelled snow.

Licks and wags...

Tiffany said...

You'll have to share your gardening knowledge with me! Love the rain barrel!