Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Puppy Update

We have now had our 6 little foster pups for 4 days! It has definitely been quite an experience. I'm sure it can be slightly equated with bringing home a newborn baby. You expect the poop and the pee and the 'crying' (whining), but until you actually have to clean it all up and feed them and try to find out why they're making so much noise...well, you realize how much you REALLY don't know!

On Monday night, we took one of the pups to the vet because he was having some intestinal issues. The same thing happened Tuesday night, with one of his brothers. The doctor said it's nothing major, just a bacterial virus that's working it's way around the group. Poor little things! They sent us home with enough antibiotics for all of them, which is fine because I'm a bit tired of going to the vet every night.

Here are the pups at feeding time...

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Sharon said...

How cute! Poor Buddy was really feeling left out, huh? Katie could hear him and wondered where he was!